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When Does an Employer Become a Counsellor and are They Qualified to do so?

It is good practice to do a return to work interview after a member of staff has been ill no matter for how long. I know of cases where members of staff have been off work for minor aliments and the return to work interview has taken two hours or more. Is this cost effective and/or necessary?

The question ‘Is your illness work related? ‘ can open the floodgates of information from ‘I caught my cold from Fred who sits next door to me’ to yes to ‘I find the lighting gives me a headache’. So there are no hard and fast rules. 

However staff’s personal circumstances can always interfere with work and sometimes their expectations of the employer can be excessive. Whilst we all want to be able to help staff where do we draw the line?

This dilemma is not unique or new useful link is

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Posted on: 03/04/2014 2:59pm

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